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TitleAuthor(s)KeywordsLevels of ReadinessFileWebsite LinksStatusLast Modified
Responding to Student Trauma: A Toolkit for Schools in Times of CrisisStephanie Filiobook, trauma, trauma informed schools, strategies, mental health, teachers, educatorsStrategies, ImplementationImage1 copy available1666298088
Trauma-Informed Social-Emotional Toolbox for Children & Adolescents: 116 Worksheets & Skill-Building Exercises to Support Safety, Connection & EmpowermentLisa Weed Phifer, Laura Sibbaldbook, trauma-informed care, Social and Emotional Learning, trauma, resiliency, strategies, parent, teachersStrategies, ImplementationImage1 copy available1666297762
My Body Sends a Signal: Helping Kids Recognize Emotions and Express FeelingsNatalia Maguirechild-rearing, emotions, parent education, parenting, Social and Emotional Learning, teachers, bookStrategiesImage1 copy available1666297455
The Kids' Guide to Staying Awesome and In Control: Simple Stuff to Help Children Regulate their Emotions and SensesLaruen Bruknerbook, strategies, parenting, teachers, emotions, regulation, toolsStrategiesImage1 copy available1666297136
Building a Trauma-Informed, Compassionate Classroom: Strategies & Activities to Reduce Challenging Behavior, Improve Learning Outcomes, and Increase Student EngagementJennifer Bashantbook, Classroom Tool, guide, strategies, trauma, trauma informed schools, behavior, barriersImplementation, StrategiesImage1 copy available1666281353
The Body Keeps The Score: Brain, mind, and body in the healing of traumaBessel Van Der Kolkbook, trauma, healing, recovery, abuseStrategiesImage1 copy available1666280975
The Resilience Recipe: A Parent's Guide to Raising Fearless Kids in the Age of AnxietyMuniya S. Khanna, Philip C. Kendall, David H. Barlowbook, parent, parenting, parent education, parent knowledge, child-rearing, anxietyStrategiesImage1 copy available1666280767
Atlas of the Heart: Mapping Meaningful Connection and the Language of Human ExperienceBrene Brownbook, growth, development, emotionsStrategiesImage3/3 copies available1666623371
The Restorative Practices Playbook: Tools for Transforming Discipline in SchoolsDominique B. Smith, Douglas Fisher, Nancy Freybook, discipline, restorative, student behaviors, behavior, positive student behaviorStrategies, ImplementationImage5/5 copies available1666623210
THRIVE Guide to Trauma-Informed Organizational DevelopmentTHRIVE Initiativebook, guide, trauma-informed care, mental health, manage emotionsImplementationImage1 copy available1666279967
The Trauma-Informed SchoolJim Sporleder, Heather Forbesbook, trauma informed schools, trauma, guide, schools, Trauma-Informed schools, administratorsStrategies, ImplementationImage4/4 copies available1666623465
Helping Traumatized Children LearnMassachusetts Advocates for Childrenbook, trauma, domestic violence, trauma-sensitive learningStrategiesImage2/2 copies available1666623496
Fostering Resilient Learners: Strategies for Creating a Trauma-Sensitive ClassroomKristin Souers, Pete Hallbook, trauma, Trauma-Informed schools, strategies, strength based, self-care, burnout, ACE scoreStrategiesImage5/6 copies available1666717133
Youth!: The 26% SolutionWendy Lesko, Emanuel Tsourounisbook, youth, teens, community engagement, organizing, changemakingStrategiesImage3/3 copies available1666623548
Using Trauma Theory to Design Service SystemsMaxine Harris, Roger Fallotbook, mental health, trauma, abuse, behavioral healthStrategiesImage1 copy available1666278686
The Nature PrincipleRichard Louvbook, nature, healthStrategiesImage1 copy available1666278442
Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit DisorderRichard Louvbook, nature, health, child development, child wellnessImage1 copy available1666278286
How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will TalkAdele Faber, Elaine Mazlishbook, parenting, parent education, parent knowledge, child-rearing, communicationStrategiesImage1 copy available1666278107
Attack of the Teenage Brain: Understanding and Supporting the Weird and Wonderful Adolescent LearnerJohn Medinabook, teen, parenting, student behaviors, executive functions, brain developmentStrategiesImage1 copy available1666277825
The Gifts of Imperfection: Your Guide to a Wholehearted LifeBrene Brownbook, authenticity, growth, personal development, mindset, guilt, shame, self worthStrategiesImage6/6 copies available1666623323
Raising Good Humans: A Mindful Guide to Breaking the Cycle of Reactive Parenting and Raising Kind, Confident KidsHunter Clarke-Fieldsbook, parenting, parent education, parent knowledge, child-rearing, mindfulness, parents managing stressStrategiesImage1 copy available1666277011
Building Resilience in Children and Teens: Giving Kids Roots and WingsKenneth Ginsburg, Martha Jablowchild-rearing, coping skills, parent education, parent knowledge, parenting, Social and Emotional Learning, strategies, bookStrategiesImage1 copy available1666276748
Mindset: Changing the way you think to fulfil your potentialCarol Dweckbook, mindset, motivation, growth, developmentStrategiesImage5/5 copies available1666623293
The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing MindDaniel Siegel, Tina Payne Brysonbook, brain development, Child brain development, parenting, parent knowledge, child-rearing, child development, burnoutStrategiesImage1 copy available1666111258
Hacking School DisciplineNathan Maynard, Brad Weinsteinbook, restorative, justice, discipline, schools, Trauma-Informed schools, student behaviors, controlling behaviors, suspensionMaintenance, StrategiesImage1 copy available1666111044
Thrivers: The Surprising Reasons Why Some Kids Struggle and Others ShineMichele Borbabook, parent, educating parents, teen, parenting, parent knowledge, teachers, resilienceStrategiesImage1 copy available1666110846
The Teacher's Guide to Self-CareSarah Forstbook, teachers, schools, self-care action plan, burnout, classroomMaintenanceImage1 copy available1666110590
The Successful Child: What Parents Can Do to Help Kids Turn Out WellMartha Sears, William Searsbook, parent, parent knowledge, parenting, child-rearing, child developmentStrategiesImage1 copy available1666110380
Circle Forward: Building a Restorative School CommunityCarolyn Boyes-Watson, Kay Pranisrestorative, circles, book, schools, Compassionate Schools, community, sel, Social and Emotional Learning, disciplineMaintenance, StrategiesImage1/1 copy available1666623230
Better Than Carrots or Sticks: Restorative Practices for Classroom ManagementDominique Smith, Douglas Fisher, Nancy FreyClassroom support, climate, controlling behaviors, nonconfrontational, positive social behaviors, schools, student behaviors, bookMaintenance, StrategiesImage4/4 copies available1666623402
Dare to Lead: Brave work. Tough conversations. Whole hearts.Brene Brownbook, leadership, vulnerability, culture, work, ACE scoresMaintenanceImage6/6 copies available1666623342
Schools The Heal: Design with Mental Health in MindClaire Latanebook, mental health, nature, child environment, building, designStrategiesImage1 copy available1666109158
Onward: Cultivating Emotional Resilience in EducatorsElena Aguilarburnout, educators, mindset, resilience, stress, teachers, bookMaintenanceImage3/3 copies available1666623267
Vitamin NRichard Louvchild wellness, health, nature, bookStrategiesImage1 copy available1666108939
Little Flower Yoga Online ResourceLittle Flower Yogamindfulness, resources, Classroom Tool1607948884
"Choose Love Movement" Social and Emotional Learning Online ResourceJesse LewisSocial and Emotional LearningStrategies1611934010
"Trauma-Informed Solutions for Parents, Schools, and Professionals" Online ResourceBeyond Consequences, Inc.trauma-inforemd schools, beyond consequences, trauma-informed parenting, trauma information for professionalsStrategies1608227004
"Shadow's Edge" Game for StudentsDigging Deepempowerment, positive impactStrategies1608226993
"Response to Intervention" Online ResourceIntervention Centralpositive impact, trauma-inforemd schools, Classroom ToolStrategies1608226984
"What is a Trauma-Informed School?" Online ResourceTreatment and Services Adaptation CenterTrauma-Informed schools, student behaviors, traumatic stressInitial Training1611934887
"Thread - The New Social Fabric" Online ResourceThread - The New Social FabricHigh School, barriers, community engagementStrategies1608226999
"What is Positive Behavioral Intervention Supports (PBIS)?" Online ResourceU.S. Office of SPecial Education ProgramsPositive Behavioral Interventions & Supports, PBIS, positive social behaviors, systems approachStrategies1608227014
Assisting Children in Becoming Emotionally LiterateLeah Davies, M.Ed.Increase self-awareness, manage emotions, behaviors, controlling behaviors, motivate, parent involvement1607948884
Zones of Regulation Flash CardsZones of Regulation, Classroom ideas, Classroom Tool1607948884
"Dare to Lead", Daring Classrooms Online Resource Brene Brownhelpful teachers, positive impact, Trauma-Informed schoolsStrategies1608226859
Emotional Intelligence: An Essential Component of EducationIncrease self-awareness, manage emotions, behaviors, controlling behaviors, motivate, parent involvement1607948884
Toxic StressAmerican Academy of PediatricsToxic stress, coping, physiological effects, positive stress response, tolerable stress response, toxic stress response, relationship, caregiver, parent1607948884
Resilience Annotated BibliographySAMHSA's Partners for Recovery IntiativeResilience, mental health disorder, substance use disorder, prevention, protective factors, risk factors1607948884
Resilience and Protective Factors in Childhood: Understanding the relationship of positive health indicators to home, school, and community environment (handout)C. Bethell, PhD, MBA. MPH1 et al.Resilience, protective factors, positive health indicators, association to health outcomes1607948884
Resilience for Public Health: Supporting transformation in people and communitiesP. Seaman et alResilience literature, resilience, public health, community reaction to resilience, challenges1607948884
A Methodological Review of Resilience Measurement ScalesG. Windle et alinterventions and policies that promote resilience, understanding determinants, psychometric rigour of resilience, resilience measuresAssessment1608227074
Applying Resilience Theory to the Prevention of Adolescent Substance AbuseM. T. BravermanResilience theory, prevention, adolescents, substance abuse, risk factors, research and practice1607948884
Coping Profiles Characterize Individual Flourishing, Languishing, and DepressionK. Dolphin & M. SteinhardtBroaden-and-build theory of positive emotions, positivity ratio, positivity, stress, emotions, anxiety, depression1607948884
Adverse childhood Experiences in Rural and Urban ContextsJ. A. Talbot, PhD, MPH et alAdverse Childhood Experiences, long-term effects, negative implications, ACEs, ACEs in rural residents, ACE exposure1607948884
A Rural Socioeconomic Risk and Resiliency Inventory and Associated Health OutcomesJ. Halverson, PhD & M. Hendryx, PhDSocioeconomic status, health risks, rural aareas, economic diversity, resiliency, increasing resiliency in rural low-income areasAssessment1608227092
7 C's: The Essential Building Blocks of Resilience (handout)Rick Little Et al.7 C's, Building blocks of resilienceImplementation1608227039
Persistent Fear and Anxiety Can Affect Young Children's Learning and DevelopmentNational Scientific Council on the Developing ChildChild development, brain development, toxic substances and their effects on child brain development, environmental chemicals, recreational drugs, prescription medications, neurotoxins, effects of anxiety and chronic stress1607948884
Prenatal Health History QuestionnairePrenatal health, pregnancy, baby, pregnant women, at risk pregnancy, health risks, ACE Score1607948885
Parent Health History QuestionnaireParental health needs, questionnaire, health risks, ACE Score1607948885
The Poverty ClinicPaul ToughPoverty clinic, Nadine Burke, child health, teen health, ACE scores, ACE study, trauma-informed, ACEs research, bilogical effects1607948885
Health Appraisel Questionnaire for MenMedical evaluation, Llaboratory tests, medical history1607948885
The Lifelong Effects of Early Childhood Adversity and Toxic StressJ. P. Shonkoff et al.brain development, new morbidity, social inequalities, health disparities, health promotion, disease, advocacy, human capital, pediatric basic science1607948885
Home Visiting and the Biology of Toxic Stress: Opportunities to Address Early Childhood AdversityAndrew S. GarnerHome visiting, minimizing lifelong effects of early childhood adversity, cycle of chronic stress, behavioral allostasis, toxic stress, health outcomes, unhealthy lifestyles1607948885
Hidden Violence: Protecting young children at homeBernard van Leer FoundationPrevention, childhood violence, child environment, parental engagement, families, social norms1607948885
Early Exposure to Toxic Substances Damages Brain ArchitectureNational Scientific Council on the Developing ChildChild development, brain development, toxic substances and their effects on child brain development, environmental chemicals, recreational drugs, prescription medications, neurotoxins1607948885
The Psych ApproachDavid BrooksLinking childhood trauma and adult health outcomes, How Children Succeed by Paul Tough, childhood stress1607948885
Building Healthy Children: Evidence-Based Homes Visitation Integrated with Pediatric Medical HomesH. A. Paradis, M. Sandler, J. T. Manly, & L. ValentineParenting ducation, home visitations, avoid child maltreatment, parent-child trauma therapy, maternal depression therapy, evidence-based home visiting services, integrate into primary care, new mothers, infants, low-income1607948885
A Review of Community Efforts to Mitigate and Prevent Adverse Childhood Experiences and TraumaC. Blodgett, Ph.D.community and treatment system initiatives, Washington state, addressing adverse childhood experiences, prevention, social consequences, behavioral consequences, emotional consequences, networks, building public health emphasis in adressing ACEsInitial Training1608227086
Strong Families, Strong Kids, Strong Communities: The impact of ACEs and Resilience slideshowMaine Resilience Building NetworkIntroduction to ACEs, ten essential public health services, health equity, ACEs define, levels of stress, toxic sress, ACEs in Maine, Maine demographics & ACEs1607948885
ACE Study PublicationsVincent J. FelittiAdverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study, publication list, documentray videos, DVD/CD of ACE Study, resources on ACE StudyInitial Training1608227109
40 Developmental Assests for Middle Childhood (Ages 8-12)Search InstituteSupport, family, positive relationships, empowerment, boundaries & expectations, constructive use of time, commitment to learning, positive values, social competencies, positive identity, internal assets, external assestsStrategies1608227051
40 Developmental Assest for Early Childhood (Ages 3-5)Search InstituteSupport, family, positive relationships, empowerment, boundaries & expectations, constructive use of time, commitment to learning, positive values, social competencies, positive identity, internal assets, external assestsStrategies1608227018
40 Developmental Assests for Children Grades K-3 (Ages 5-9)Search InstituteSupport, family, positive relationships, empowerment, boundaries & expectations, constructive use of time, commitment to learning, positive values, social competencies, positive identity, internal assets, external assestsStrategies1608227025
52 Character Building Thoughts for ChildrenLeah Davies, M.Ed.Statements for teachers and counselors to use, character building, examples, student reflectionStrategies1608227058
A Poverty Solution The Starts With a HugNicholas D. KristofToxic stress, harmful effects of toxic stress, affection, protecting young children from diversityStrategies1608227080
A Guide to Promoting Resilience in Children: Strengthening the human spiritEdith Grotberg, Ph.D.Pormoting resilience in children, International Resilience Project, parents, caregivers, or children do that promotes resilience?, resileiince promoting behvaior, examples of resilience and non-resilience promoting actions, fostering resilience; examplesInitial Training1608227068
The Relationship Between Adverse Childhood Experiences and Adult Health: Turning gold into leadVincent J. Felitti, MDACEs, ACE Study, relation between childhood experiences and adult emotional health, health outcome1607948885
Adverse Childhood Experiences and Health and Well-Being Over the Lifespan Chart & Finding Your ACE Score QuestionnareACEs, Impact of Trauma, Long-term consequences of unaddressed trauma, find your ACE score1607948885
The Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACE) Study: Implications for Mothers' & Children's Exposure to Domestic ViolenceRita Webb, MSWACE Study, domestic violence, implications for social workers, mental health issues and domestic violence exposure1607948885
Becoming AttachedRobert KarenInfant-mother bonding, child-rearing, child wellness, effects on child due to lack of bonding1607948885
The Effects of Childhood Stress on Health Across the Lifespan U.S Department of Health and Human Serviceschild stress, positive stress, tolerable stress, toxic stress, effects of toxic stress, health outcomes1607948885
Traumatic Stress Screening SurveyEvaluation, traumatic stress, survey1607948885
Early Childhood Program Evaluations: A Decision-Maker's GuideNational Forum on Early Childhood Program EvaluationEvaluation, policy making, program evaluation, program impact, example of1607948885
Early Experiences Can Alter Gene Expression and Affect Long-Term DevelopmentNational Scientific Council on the Developing ChildEnvironment, gene expression, early child experiences and environment, long-term outcmes of early traumatic experiences1607948885
The Effect of Poverty on Child Development and Educational OutcomesP. L. Engle & M. M. BlackPoverty, child development, educational outcomes, school readiness, research1607948885
The Enduring Effects of Abuse and Related Adverse Experiences in ChildhoodR. Anda et al.Adverse Childhood Experiences, ACE Study, traumatic stress, emotional trauma, biological effects, child development1607948885
Building the Brain's 'Air Traffic Control' System: How early experiences shape the development of executive functionNational Scientific Council on the Developing ChildChild brain development, executive functions, policy, prgramming1607948885
How Educators Can Nurture Resilience in High-risk Children and Their FamiliesMeichenbaum et al.Resilience, high risk, stress, educators, behavioral disorders, mental disorders, building resilience, trauma, examples for educators1607948885
High School Dropout, Graduation, and Completion RatesNational Research Council & Nationa Academy of EducationHigh School, graduation, drop out rates, education, Improving graduation rates, economic outcomes, social outcomes1607948885
The Impact of Early Life Trauma on Health and DiseaseR. Lanius, E. Vermetten, C. PainAdverse Childhood Experiences, traumatic stress, emotional trauma, biological effects1607948885
Measuring Youth Program Quality: A guide to assessment toolsYohalem et. al.Youth development, after-school, youth programming, examples1607948885
Merging Systems: Integrating Home Visitation and the Family-Centered Medical HomeM. Tschudy, S. Toomey, T. ChengChild health, home visitation, family1607948885
Building Resiliency: Preventing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs)Oregon Health AuthorityACEs, Adverse Childhood Experiences, Oregon, support programs in Oregon, example, prevention1607948885
ACE ReporterRobert F. Anda, MD, MS & Vincent J. Felitti, MDACEs, Adverse Childhood Experiences, history of, origin, original study, ACE score, Felitti & AndaInitial Training1608227098
Antenatal education for expectant mothers results in sustained improvement in knowledge of newborn carePerinatal education, parent knowledge, neonatal illnesses, study, research, peer reviewed article, expecting mothers, awareness, educating parents, newborn care1607948885
Protective factors prompt sheetProtective factors prompts, families and hepers, talk, needs, strengths, priorites, parents managing stress1607948886
Resilience under conditions of extreme stress: a multilevel perspectiveDante CicchettiResilience, history of resilience, adversity, childhood development, factors, resilience in maltreated children, bilogical effects, gene-environment interaction, multilevel perspective1607948886
The Science of Early Childhood DevelopmentNational Scientific Council on the Developing Child Harvard UniversityEarly child development, core concepts, effects on the nervous system, toxic stress, policy and practice, early childhood programs, Core Concepts of Development, economic development, community, economic impact, brain development1607948886
The Heart of Learning and Teaching: Compassion, resiliency, and academic successR. Wolpow et al.Heart, Teaching, schools, trauma-sensitive learning, trauma, Felitti & Anda, ACEs study, Adverse Childhood Experiences, PTSD symptoms, trauma and the brain, biological effects, compassion, Compassionate Schools, cultural, trauma and gender, Ripple Effect, prevention, self-care, assertiveness, self-care action plan, transitions, safety plans, affect modulation, empathy, listening skills, strategies, Six Principlses of Instruction and Discipline, Instructural Principles, The Three Domain Curriculum, Mental health terms, community partnerships, resources, alternative high schools1607948886
Trauma-Informed Classrooms and Schools Brian CavanaughTrauma, Informed, Classroom, trauma-inforemd schools, trauma, Experienced trauma, ACEs, Peer supports, responsiveness1607948886
Transforming Rural Experience in Education (TREE) Model & School Readiness SurveyCobscook Community Learning CenterTREE process, pyramid, community engagement, commitment to deep listening, dialogue, collaboration, supporting, student, development, leadership, outcomes, survey1607948886
Understanding and Promoting Resilience in Military Families MacDermid, S. et alResilience, promoting resilience, children, youth, adults, military, adversity, families, article, research, family supports, parents, protective factor, environments1607948886
What Will Your Students Remember? Leah Davies, M.Ed.Educators, helpful teachers, positivity, memories, role model, positive impact, positive memories, Classroom ideas, remember1607948886

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