We have a professional development opportunity, funded through the Maine West Collaborative, to partner with PEAR: Partnership in Education and Resilience. Check out the work that they do nationwide via their website at https://www.pearinc.org/

PEAR’s mission is to make meaningful theoretical and practical contributions to youth development, educational innovation, and mental health so that increasingly young people can learn, dream, and thrive. PEARĀ  envisions school and afterschool settings that promote positive youth development so that all young people can be successful.

PEAR is offering a virtual workshop series based on the urgent need for learning and mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. We are hoping to target 10 staff/connected community members or organizations from each of the four school districts in the Maine West region (Telstar, Rumford, Oxford Hills, and Dirigo).

If you’re from one of those districts and interested in this opportunity, please read through the training objectives below to see what resonates with you and share this email/survey with other folks in your network that should be included. After you do that please fill out this Google survey: https://forms.gle/fk8SVKp9tfqB6Tsb9

We are choosing three out of the six workshops to schedule with PEAR. The workshops will be 120 minutes each and we hope to start in December.

Belonging and Relationships – Connection and Reconnection
Participants will…

  1. Identify their own strengths and areas for growth in building student belonging, both in-person and remotely.
  2. Learn key elements of belonging and new strategies for building belonging remotely
  3. Create action plans for increasing belonging in their school/classroom this fall

Belonging: Structure, Agreements, Rituals
Participants will…

  1. Understand how restorative practices can keep students connected with educators and each other 2. Deconstruct their learning environments to assess how restorative they are 3. Complete a plan to incorporate collaborative agreements and a culturally-sustaining ritual

The Big Picture: Future, Goals, and Optimism
Participants will…

  1. Understand different social-emotional skills & factors that influence the development of optimism
  2. Reflect on & build self-awareness of your own optimistic thinking skills to model for youth
  3. Use strategies & techniques to help youth build & develop optimistic thinking skills.

Meeting Social-Emotional Development Needs Virtually.
Participants will…

  1. Organize social-emotional needs into four accessible dimensions
  2. Embed elements into virtual learning spaces that will meet students’ social-emotional needs
  3. Share experiences of teaching in virtual spaces

Building Engagement and Motivation Online
Participants will…

  1. Understand the three components of student motivation
  2. Name strategies for building student motivation remotely
  3. Implement ways of engaging in academic content that is rooted in Social-Emotional Development

How Virtual Environments Can Be Productive for Academic Learning.
Participants will…

  1. Learn key ways virtual classrooms can be leveraged to support academic growth
  2. Discuss metacognition and self-driven learning
  3. Practice strategies to support virtual learners


For more information contact:
Lyndsey Smith
NorthStar Coordinator
University of Maine
Bryant Pond 4-H Camp and Learning Center P.O. Box 188 Bryant Pond, Maine 04219
(207) 890-8625